Originating from passion and technical challenges in motorsport.

Chassis Factory, driven by innovation and progress, develops, builds and maintains parts and components for motorsports.

Due to our involvement in the sport, Chassis Factory is well aware of the complexity of the technical package. Motorsport tests the materials to their limits. The constant changes in the dynamic package caused by weight shifts during braking, steering, or accelerating determine the sensation the driver experiences.

This sensation is transmitted through the chassis. The flexibility or stiffness of the chassis plays a significant role. The chassis serves as the connection between the dynamic parts that must absorb the forces of braking, steering, and accelerating. The design and material choice greatly influence this sensation.

Chassis Factory stands for a strong, practical, and high-quality approach to design and manufacturing. Chassis Factory uses high-quality materials such as Chromolybdenum, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and titanium in its constructions or components.

Chassis Factory has a deep-rooted passion for motorsport. Hard work, testing, analysis, and continuous development make the difference at the top of motorsports. Chassis Factory is willing to go to the extreme in design, manufacturing, and analysis to achieve your goal – the highest step on the podium.

Some of our specialties include

Additional specialties

Triumph 765GP2

With the recent renewal of a 5-year contract securing Triumph as the exclusive engine supplier for the Grand Prix Moto 2 class and Pirelli taking on the role of the new single tire manufacturer, the Moto 2 class now presents a clearly defined and long-term objective for riders and teams to showcase their potential both nationally and on the international stage.

Triumph RMW450


The RMW450 features a lightweight Chassis Factory aluminum frame and swingarm powered by a 450cc single-cylinder Honda CRF engine.

chrome frame kit

Chrome frame kit

With this frame kit we offer an affordable and reliable concept, accessible to all teams that want to step up to this level.

chrome light frame kit

Chrome light frame kit

Similar to the "Chrome" kit of 2018, the "Chrome Light" kit still allows the installation of all types of Supersport or Superstock engine blocks.

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